The Lost French Gold

Hidden deep within the wilderness of the Rio Grande & San Juan Mountains lays perhaps the most important treasure in American history. For hundreds of years it’s been rumored that various groups of French soldiers, explorers, and miners, buried vast amounts of gold treasure. They were continually fighting off Indians, Spanish and Mexican soldiers. They endured diseases, malnutrition, and the elements. But this did not stop them.

Some groups were rumored to have as many as 350 men & 450 horses…

Researchers claim that a large group of French came from New Orleans and mined and processed gold in camps spread out from Wolf Creek pass Colorado to the upper Arkansas river basin. They possibly traveled as far west as the Gunnison valley.  It was thought to be secretly financed by Napoleon Bonaparte. And perhaps more fascinating was the rumor that in the mid 1700’s, a large battalion of French soldiers hauling vast amounts of gold, left central Canada heading for the Presidio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Some say the amount of gold was perhaps 3 1/2 tons… Others claim that it was 3,516 20 ounce ingots. To this day, it has never been documented that the gold has ever been found!

Different authors, historians, and treasure hunters have all speculated and searched for the location of the elusive stash. The details of this legend intersect at “Treasure Mountain”.

This website is dedicated to the research of these stories and the hunt of the lost gold.

Below is a new (Ongoing) project of the most famous versions of the story. We hope it can help assist you in your hunt.

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