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Partial 1756 Translated Map (Directions)

I think the french have an awesome sounding language! On the other hand, BORN IN THE USA! Sorry Frenchy. Should I send you a link to the song? I love mexican food but still like being good old fashioned American. Platoro does not have any Spanish in him! Food for thought! Good points on either 6 or 9. I thought maybe 1761? Sent email that no one can sign up for subscription? Friend has been using my login. Have I started something with the TM super pill? Hope so. I am taking 3 right now. Actually the pills are partially seriously strong java and aspirin! Since you finally responded - I could probably do a glass of Bordeaux but all I have is chillable red wine in a box! Vive la Whiskey but it is Sunday morning!

Huh, and what makes you think I have any French in me! Yes I knew that about platoro. By the way, your boxed wine might have arsenic in it! Not kidding so better check that out! As far as whisky goes - where does it come from? Answer: The liquor store! That's where I would have to go to get some and by the way, it really was not invented in America! I am not 420 compatible so must use the java myself! And I am not implying anything about you or anyone else! And like whiskey, neither 420 herbs nor java can be claimed being American made or orginating from there! And this legend would not exist if not for the French and Spanish. So what does that leave you, Springsteen from NJ? Huh, well his song is good but not really as GREAT as Lee Greenwood. His song brings tears to your eyes and the other guy makes you want to get drunk and party! I'm just saying.

Now listen up you young grasshopper, 1761, 6, 9 - I see something in this. Bargs not bust either, not yet. This is what I understand, the sign up is closed (temp) until the potential spam issue does not circumvent the sign in email address. Also has to clean up email list of addresses that can't be verified. Have your friend simply email from the contact form. They have been signing people up manually so he can verify them. I can do it for you. It is pretty simple.


Touche! Little thin skinned? LOL LOL. Just kidding! I want to be an admin and make a spreadsheet like you guys did on the comparison chart? It says I do not have permission. Not sure how to do it. But got some time. Maybe you could add it the existing one but it could be a little cluttered.

Also, when I [Search] on the website main homepage it does not search the forum but the web. Is this meant to be that way? When you click on [Forum] and the search looks specifically for items in the Forum... That works wonderfully! Also, I can add but it will not let me insert links. It says permission required. Just letting you know. My friend seems to think that 1861 is 1881 and not a 6, 9 and defiantly not 1761. Any thoughts?

Subscription (new) works. It is turned OFF at this time. Registrations are being done via the contact form. We are creating a way to circumvent bad (bogus) subscriptions from occurring. Manually setting up accounts have proven to be very effective in buffering our site from non related subjects and interference. We are also deleting any non-verifiable accounts. The entire site, email, and forum now run secure shell.... Notice when you type ""  the http://  automatically changes to our secure certificate https://.  We are creating a way to restore backups "on the fly". It also generates mirroring to This upgrade is the best thing that has happened to this project since we have started. So please be patient.

There are 2 completely different scripts that run "Search Site" and "Search" in the forum. This is a good thing. It must be separate for futures items that we are adding. The "Search" inside the forum is extremely efficient. It is "word specific" to any topic that is posted. I use it all the time because I can't remember everything that is posted.


The translated version of the original Spanish 1756 document is complete to the best of our ability. We have the original Spanish, English, and SLV English. If the Spanish document was originally translated directly from a French document, this is the closet to the original we can get. It is complete. The English and SLV English DO NOT include any maps. Only the Spanish version does.

We will complete the Compassion Chart links. Hope this helps.

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