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Gold - Millions Upon Millions of It 1971


On 6-16-20, our plan was to stop at the falls - beautiful as usual. Then the trip was the north side up to the cliffs over looking the the highway. Then over the top to the backside of FR39. That portion of the road is closed. We could not believe how much beetle kill there was. Also took a couple of pictures from thebackside of the cliffs. TM (Treasure Mountain) would be off to the the right of these views.  Our objective is making sure we see each of the 3 routes from the ground up (on the ground) and not making assumptions without verifying date, time, weather, etc. No ATVs this trip and no horses. This was a tough climb. 7 hours up and back.

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We were exactly on the opposite side of TM in our previous pictures. On prevous trips, we have covered every angle including coming up from Treasure Falls via the trail and the trail to Alberta Peak. This would have been easiest way to travel back and forth down into the valley. It would have been much easier this way to back towards the South Mountain area. I think we all have concluded the stories and references that Adams makes about this area is believable and easy to prove. Also remember, Adams had made this trip on horseback himself. Now where is the gold?

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We noticed FR39 on the backside - 4th picture. Where is is the 725C Hole from the backside? Would it be left or right? It is assumed to the left.? There was a discussion about the daily shadow of the mountain falling on the cliffs that are beneath the Alberta Peak on the backside of the ski resort. Just was wondering if you got pictures?


Looking at 4th picture, the 725C hole is to the left on the ridge - not in the valley. Here is one of the pictures I have from the "Shadows". I have several, but this one illustrates the importance of prominent natural figures (Mountain or possibly meaning Cerro) possibly being used to point. The shadow starts at around 4:30pm and finishes up around 8:00pm depending on the time of year. Other translation includes hill: meaning: Colline, Colina, CERRO, Cuesta.

With a satellite view of TM, draw a straight line from Alberta Peak to the top of the shadow at around 7:00pm. Make the line go SW behind TM to the West. Points directly back to picture 3! Over the years, my son's and I have spent hours on these cliffs. Very hard on your ankles and many cuts from the rock. There is more than one (1) BEAR living in this area! If your metal detecting, good luck! You will be finding miles (literally) of old chains and cables. Your looking for "V"s. You have to really be looking at (and under) every rock and they are not always easy to spot. This is why I believe that Blanco and Ledoux must have crossed back and forth on the trail to Alberta Peak. As I had said, 725C Hole is on the ridge looking back to the East.

When I make assumptions about Ledoux, I think your just making assumptions about Adams. It's really his view of Ledoux. On Picture 2 (I just throw this out as an example), the shadow, a grave, and several trips to Alberta Peak? Why go back an forth? Furthermore, this crude sundial that I made only exposes an idea. The shadow exposes a grave. I don't believe Picture 5 is the grave. You have to make your own assumptions.


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Excellent! Great work. The shadow explains a lot. This does sorta point to the gold being in the Treasure Mountain area.? Or at least a portion of it? Adams did not believe there was any gold left on TM.

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