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Going Gold & Beyond

Our search started in 2004. Our 1st website was which we started June of 2009. It was more of a hassle than it was worth. It was not assisting us in finding like minded participants. We used standard HTML with simple contact and posting methods. Since then we have changed website several times with enhanced security. We have copied as much relevant information as possible. Somethings were lost when we changed our server and format.  If you do not see your comments or pictures, please forgive us. You may wish to re-post if you feel that they are relevant.

We changed the name of our site to in June of 2015. We began using Word Press which helps us focus more on searching than writing HTML. This was the beginning of our blog which we still use but is not visible on to outside users. Many of the comments were deleted that were no longer relevant. If you had comments, they have probably been moved to our forum.

After a serious spiritual moment at Mt. Ouray in August of 2016,  we changed the name to It is our main website. Please be aware that is a mirrored site. We use both sites. This gives us a place to test new formats and features. We also will be using the site for upcoming items in 2021. Furthermore, it allows continual backup of the entire site including all emails. Normal operation mode is to forward all request from to

Our web traffic was very minimal with and has consistently had more web traffic. We believe people are really looking for answers to "The Lost French Gold." As of 2020, we have never advertised or try to increase web traffic. If you have come across this website, we believe you are here for a purpose because you have either been referred from other sites or have been told about our project.

We post forum statistics on the bottom of the forum page. It is based strictly on unique users and items. It is a valuable tool in monitoring traffic to the forum itself. It consists of all data and users since our 1st website. Email subscriptions that are not verifiable after 90 days will be deleted including any profile settings. This helps streamline our efforts.

By using this website or forum, you agree to all items contained in the “Copyright Issues & Disclaimer” posted at the bottom of the home page. We reserve the right to ban or delete any user for any reason. Please respect our website and forum. Thank you.


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